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I came to Trauma Lawyers with over 30 years of experience in law firm accounting. After 17 years at a successful Intellectual Property Law Firm, I decided it was time to retire. After a couple of years of retirement and boredom, I decided to look for part time accounting work. I was working for a small family practice law firm a couple of days a week. As luck would have it, I was introduced to Katherine Cardenas. Her bookkeeper of 30 years decided to retire. Katherine soon realized that she was “wasting” too much time doing bookkeeping work. Her time could be better spent and more fulfilling by doing lawyer work and serving her clients. So she hired me to take care of her books. Here we are years later, I am still working for Katherine; only now as Trauma Lawyers.

I enjoy working directly with the Partners and helping them understand the numbers behind the business.  Together we work on planning, forecasting and monthly financial reviews. Running a successful law firm requires not only advanced legal knowledge but also financial organization. I am proud to provide that service to Trauma Lawyers.