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Birth Injury

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Firm News |

The birth of your child is one of life’s most joyous occasions. Excitement and nervousness go hand-in-hand. You spend countless hours thinking about and loving your unborn child. What will you name him or her? Will he or she be a happy baby or fuss a lot? Will you get any sleep or will you be up all night? While these thoughts may preoccupy new parents, they are to be expected.

But what do you do when the unexpected happens? What is a parent to do when their child is injured at birth? Birth injuries range from mild to catastrophic. Birth injuries can profoundly affect the rest of your child’s life. The costs associated with caring for a brain injured child include everything from life support to emotional support. Parents will not only need strong legal representation but resources to help them through the medical abyss. At Trauma Lawyers, we are here to provide aggressive advocacy in and out of the courtroom. Many times, the treating doctors and hospitals fail to make an appropriate diagnosis knowing that the diagnosis will be evidence of their negligence. This leaves the family and most devastatingly the child without appropriate and necessary treatment.

At Trauma Lawyers, we will make sure your child has the appropriate diagnosis. We will make sure you have the resources and contacts to seek the help you and your child need. Call us today at 312-781-0082 to discuss your child’s case.