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Why Should I Bring a Personal Injury Action?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Firm News |

The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to recover financial compensation for the losses that one might suffer due to an injury caused by another, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The attorneys at Trauma Lawyers understand that your injuries have affected your life and ability to earn a living. That is why we make sure that you and your family get the justice you deserve after an injury by pursuing a personal injury action. Receiving financial compensation for your injury can help you move on, reclaim your life, and prevent you from paying bills for an injury that is not your fault.

Not only is it important to acquire justice through monetary compensation, bringing a personal injury suit can help you attain accountability for the harm caused by another. While monetary compensation cannot take the injuries away, it can help you obtain justice from the parties responsible for your losses and help give you peace of mind regarding your future.

Personal injury lawsuits can also help bring about change within the community and protect other people from being harmed in the future. After the attorneys at Trauma Lawyers advocated for our clients who drowned in the Wilmington Dam and achieved a settlement in 2016 for Adame v. City of Wilmington, and after the Larson complaint was filed, the City of Wilmington enacted a exclusionary zone stopping people from going into the area of the river where the dam is located. The City of Wilmington also installated a fence near the dam to prevent further harm from coming to the community after Trauma Lawyers advocated for other victims of the dam in the case of Larson v. City of Wilmington. Furthermore, the city plans to remove the hydraulic roller and install a rock ramp in an effort to improve safety at the dam. These measures aid in eliminating the danger and promote the safety of both residents and visitors.

Trauma Lawyers have also had the ability to advocate for clients who have been sexually assaulted. In the case of Jane Doe 1 v. Cicero Public School District 99, the attorneys at Trauma Lawyers were able to achieve financial compensation for the victims who were sexually assaulted by a kindergarten teacher as well as prevent future harm from coming to little children through ensuring that the teacher had resigned. Trauma Lawyers have also been working to ensure that our Chicagoland hospitals are safer by achieving a settlement with a Chicagoland Hospital after an employee sexually assaulted a patient. As part of the settlement, the employee was no longer able to work at the hospital. When it comes to sexual assault, the attorneys at Trauma Lawyers know that it is not only necessary for the victims to get justice but also to prevent the assailant from causing future harm.

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