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Sexual Assault in School

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Firm News |

We at Trauma Lawyers take every case seriously and always go the extra mile to seek fair and just compensation for every one of our clients. Sexual assault cases not only profoundly affect the victim but also society in general. Research is clear that most sexual predators have multiple victims and continue abusing until they are caught and/or arrested. Our mission is to bring attention to and obtain full compensation for every victim of sexual assault.

A founding partner of Trauma Lawyers, Katherine Cárdenas, was horrified to learn of little children being abused in kindergarten in a local public school. She accepted and filed the case of Jane Doe 1 v. Cicero Public School District 99. When Jane Doe 1 came to us for justice, we learned that there was also a Jane Doe 2. Jane Doe 2’s case had been declined by another prominent law firm in Chicago because they felt the evidence was not strong enough against the school district. That only fueled the attorneys at Trauma Lawyers to fight even harder for these two little girls.

Both were only five years old when their kindergarten teacher started sexually assaulting them in the classroom. Both had the courage to testify in open court before a jury of twelve of their peers. The jury attentively listened to the abuse they suffered. They held the school district liable for their failure to do a proper background check on the teacher before allowing him in a classroom with vulnerable children. Jane Doe 1’s case was tried to verdict with the jury awarding her $2,500,000.00 in damages. Jane Doe 2’s case was settled shortly thereafter.

Here is the link to a CBS news interview with Katherine Cárdenas.